Work with Priscilla

Services Offered:

Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker:  Priscilla shares her journey to Christ through her testimony as an Abortion Survivor in the womb, experiencing 2 abortions and then working within the abortion industry.

There may not be anyone with Priscilla’s trifecta experience with the evil of abortion.  She shares the wisdom she’s acquired through her lived experiences and by pressing through the healing journey. Her story of survival was met with a life-threatening event that propelled her to a surrendered life in Christ.  It helps young and old alike to hear the effects of the trauma of abortion and the powerful Love of Christ.

Target audiences:

• PRC fundraising events
• Church youth groups
• Christian schools
• Community or church events and symposiums
• Legislative hearings


The Choice to Choose: Abstinence Training and Teaching.

She has professional expertise on how to present this life-affirming choice to a variety of audiences in a way that has proven success.  The information challenges the current cultural mindsets by presenting a thoughtful discussion of the truth and realities that come with sexual decision making. 

Target audiences:

Requests can be made by anyone who expresses a need or interest in having an uncompromising a solid abstinence teaching or training, such as:

  • Church youth groups and/or Youth Pastors
  • Community pregnancy resource center clients, staff or Boards
  • Community agencies that serve & support women and men who choose life.
  • Schools: private and public (pending approval from school board)
  • Teachers
  • Guidance Counselors
  • Home schooled youth
  • Church: Events that address current issues about abortion or sex education, confirmation classes, parent groups and interested citizens.
  • Legislative testimony

Additional Information

Priscilla can be reached at or 907-360-1030 to discuss needs and desired services.  Services can be performed in person or via a video format, like Zoom. Expense:  A specialized agreement will be provided, based on type of service, location, time factors, including prep, travel and delivery.


Priscilla is an active member of The Abortion Survivors Network speaker’s bureau, Melissa Ohden, Founder;  And Then There Were None ministry, Abby Johnson, Founder;  and  is listed on the Ambassador Speakers Bureau website and is available for speaking events.  These groups may also be contacted to request Priscilla as a keynote speaker, educator, or consultant.

Resume of media and in person Presentations:

Stories of Hope podcast ASN – 2020

Support After Abortion virtual Conference with Melissa Ohden – 2020

Trauma Informed Care Conference breakout session – 2020

Monica Cline podcast – 2021

Brave Nation podcast – 2021

Pro Life Women’s Conference ASN- 2021 – Panelist

Living the Reclaimed Life podcast ASN – 2021

CareNet breakout session ASN – 2021

Maytown Right to Life presentation ASN – 2021

Fearless with Amber and Mark ASN, TCTC – 2021

Empowered by Live Event – Austin – 2022

Valued Voice for Life ASN – 2022

AFL podcast ASN – 2022

Fox and Friends ASN – 2022

40 Days for Life speaker testimony – 2022

Positively Pro-Life-PA Pro-Life Federation ASN – 2022

CareNet Conference Breakout session –

The Choice to Choose – 2022

Meto Women’s Health Care Training – 2023

March for Life – 2023

Priests for Life memorial event – 2023

Victor Marx Podcast – 2023

St. Elizabeth’s Parish 2023

ProLife Women’s Conference breakout session – 2023