Abortion had become Priscilla’s unseen burden even while in the womb, as she survived an attempted D&C abortion when only 3 ½ months gestational age.  The trauma from this would lead her, as a young woman, to her own abortions, which then lead to taking a job in an abortion clinic.  Her real-life experiences with abortion are very unique, and her words about this subject reveal a painful understanding, but through the eyes of a life redeemed and healed.

After coming to Christ in 1981, Priscilla’s career flipped, and she became the Director of the largest sexual abstinence-only program in California. There she would serve thousands of youths as well as parents in public and private settings.  Abstinence from sex was something Priscilla had never heard.  She did not know she had the choice to choose, so her passion to share this with anyone who would listen fueled the growth of this message.

Priscilla Anne Hurley has over 40 years of Master’s level work experience in the health field, as an educator, advocate, administrator and manager. 

Priscilla’s life was dramatically redefined in 1981 after coming to Christ. Up until then, her professional and personal experiences had been a reflection of the world view that embraced the sexual freedom revolution.  Blind to reality, she lived it, taught about it, and was thoroughly engaged, but was also broken by its most shameful and destructive outcome – abortion.

Priscilla’s story is a source of encouragement, empowerment, and also education and it will minister truth to the hearts of those who will listen.

Priscilla resides in Alaska where her three adult children, their spouses and her 11 grandchildren also reside.