How much longer will women be blinded and exploited by the evil of Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry?

The use of chemical abortion pills, also called the DIY or self-managed abortion, is on a significant upward rise, offering a more insidious method of taking the life of an unborn child. The FDA now allows pharmacies, like Walgreens and CVS, to dispense these medications. Vulnerable women will have easy access to these two deadly medications that will be used at home.

Do you wonder – like I do – if she’s by herself when she starts this deadly process? I can’t help but ask what will she be experiencing, and thinking? Will she be alone when she experiences the extreme pain and bleeding? Will she have a revelation of her actions and the nefarious work of the abortion industry when she expels her beautiful baby in her shower or toilet? What honor will her child receive? Will she fall to her knees and ask for God’s help and forgiveness? I pray so! I pray that perhaps these women will become a bold new voice for life! They will know, feel, and see that this is killing their unborn child, formed by God in her womb, and who bears his image.

How much more loss will women endure to participate in this disorder, dysfunction and destruction called sexual freedom? This is a legitimate question.

This bad fruit is born from the “Sexual Freedom Revolution,” pushed by a cabal of elites decades ago, who desired to demoralize sexual behavior. It has proven, through much evidence, to be another huge lie. Alfred Kinsey and Margaret Sanger were among those who promoted this lie. After 50 years, the evidence is clear that in fact, sexual promiscuity is not free, but has devastating costs to human beings, and our culture at large. It was and is always out of the order of God’s intent and plan, thus it causes confusion, and suffering.

All have been and still are victims of this disordered and chaotic lifestyle. But haven’t women been the primary victims? The list is long, but here are some examples: 1) The effects of extensive birth control, which can dysregulate normal hormonal function and upset fertility health, or 2) the risky IUDs that inflame the uterine environment and can result in infection and possible infertility, and 3) the abortions being pushed as a default birth control decision, and the link to breast cancer (see the movie HUSH, A Documentary) or infertility and post-traumatic stress.

The horrific experience of killing their own child can haunt women for their lifetimes, until they come to surrender to Christ, and receive forgiveness and thus healing.

How much more loss will women endure to participate in this disorder, dysfunction and destruction called sexual freedom? This is a legitimate question.

It’s past time to raise our voices and usher in a New Sexual Freedom Revolution? Turn, and return to the safety found in God. Learn of his intended holiness, love and provision for our protection. God created human sexuality for his glory, and he set out instructions in his Word on how we are to be faithful stewards of this powerful part of our being.

There’s a call to return to this safety for all those who have experienced the carnage and illusion of the Sexual Freedom Revolution. It is not free. The damaging evidence is clear after 50-plus years. Let’s work to break this cycle.

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The views expressed here are those of the author.